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Wunderground: where science collides with circus

Prepare yourself and your family for a subterranean thrill ride, where science collides with circus in “Wunderground” an amazing new show for all ages, developed by Beni Malone of Wonderbolt Circus

Wunderground follows the adventures of Mr. MasterMinder, an energetic and eccentric scientist who combines science knowledge with circus performance to teach kids about the world beneath their feet. In Wunderground, Mr. MasterMinder searches the underground layers of our Province for ways to power his newest invention – The Amazing Robotic Portable Power Pack!

Collecting samples in his 9ft robotic suit, juggling “molten” rocks, and spinning Tectonic Plates are just a few of the antics that our energetic scientist will use to enthrall the audience as he teaches them about Earth energy.

Ideal for school performances and for kids of all ages.